How to Register Your Company in Lithuania

The country offers some of the most competitive tax rates and costs for businesses, as well as many benefits for new companies. If you want to establish a company in Lithuania and grow it into a large international enterprise, read on.

What is the process to register a business in Lithuania?

Name lookup and check for uniqueness and locale in the registry.
Selecting the type of business registration organization.
Search for a legal address.
Open a company account in a Lithuanian bank and transfer the necessary capital (if necessary).
Prepare all necessary documents and certify them with a national notary.
Register the company in the Register of Legal Entities.
Register a company with the Social Security Fund.
Register a company with the tax office.

Registering a business in Lithuania is straightforward, inexpensive and straightforward. The only major decision you have to make is between a juridical person and a different type of company. The country also has a wide range of business entities available, and a solid record of business law and compliance. All of this makes Lithuania a great choice for establishing a company.